For the woman ready for a plant-based lifestyle...

For the woman ready for a plant-based lifetstyle

A Guide To Help You Navigate Towards Successful Plant-Based Living, Fall In Love With Your Kitchen All Over Again, and Find Peace With The Holistic Wellthy Energy Deep Inside

It's time to change your story ...

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I Need This!

You’ve been trying to clean up your eating habits for years!

You know that sugar/carbs/red meat/”insert your guilty pleasure here” is bad for you. You’ve even let some of it go … 

Then your friend invites you to your favorite restaurant … mmm, they have this one meal … And there goes all of your hard work … You slip back to old patterns out of convenience or habit.

You know plant-based is good for you. But where do you begin?

You’re ready to change for better health. You’re ready to change to get rid of dis-ease. You’re done with that sick feeling in your gut. The one that never seems to go away. You’re tired … just tired. 

You don’t want to follow in your parent’s footsteps, who spent years deteriorating until there wasn’t a choice but to go into assisted living. 

You have too much living to do!

I get all that. (I've been there too.)

Here's the thing ... I believe it starts with food. 

If you’ve found yourself in a forever loop … 

repeating the same old story …

Going round and round with your eating patterns and approach to wellness, it’s time to rewrite your story. 

LIFE happens. I get it. That’s what got you to where you are today. You’ve told yourself story after story, trying diets, throwing away perfectly good food, trying the latest health craze … all with the hope of being the best YOU you can be. 

You have a vision for what ideal health means to you. There are many chapters left in your story. YOU CAN rewrite them … and feel better with the food choices you make. 

You are not alone. You’re in the right place!

You've been moving towards plant-based eating for a while now, but something keeps holding you back. 

No more!

I've been practicing plant-rich wellthy living for almost three decades, and I'm ready to share all of my tips and success strategies  with you!

Welcome to my 21 Day Gorgeous Wellthy Kitchen Class

Ready for your life to change?

The Truth?

You don’t need another blog post touting 50 - 75 - or even 100 top vegetarian/vegan/plant-based recipes. You can find thousands of “health” recipes at your fingertips, just a Google search away …

You need a clear, simple, yet realistic approach to making a plant-based lifestyle stick. So that even on the craziest of days, when you’re leaning towards old ways, that’s when you have the tools and strategies you need to bring plant-based living into your life, make better choices … and even better, feel GOOD about making those choices. 

Let's do This!

This is a 21 day program that will help you put your WHY to how plant-based living fits into your daily routine … 

(And HOW to actually stick with it!)

Plant-based, it sounds good. But ...

But there are so many unanswered questions. Like:

  • How do you make it stick?
  • What do you do with those cravings?
  • What about when you’re invented for dinner?
  • Or a loved one questions: why?
  • Or what to cook every single night - and you have no idea where to start. 
  • Do you really have to live on salads the rest of your life?

I get it. I’ve been doing this for almost thirty years. It’s been an incredible journey … To health. To wellth!

And I want this for you too. Let me help you start your own plant-based journey. 

From one friend to another. 

It's time!

Gorgeous Wellth!

21 Day Gorgeous Wellthy Kitchen


The class that helps you transform your kitchen into a Gorgeous place you can't wait to come home to. You'll discover what's been missing in your quest for plant-based living once and for all!

Unlimited time (the thought of cooking is a little intimidating, especially when you’re faced with 100s of recipes … who has time for that?)


Chances are, you have the basics down.

Abundant energy (hello, you have a busy life, a life you love ... the last thing you want is to make cooking feel like a chore …)


You know plant-based eating is right for you.
But you don’t have …

Clarity (this plant-based thing is hard, especially when you’re not sure of where to start)


True self-motivation at this stage of life (how will you get your friends and family on board? Or to at least understand and respect your choices. 😁)


Answers to the most frustrating questions (the ones that make you question it all … and lead you right back to your old habits …)


I'm in!

If you mentally shouted YES! to any of those, my 21 Day Gorgeous Wellthy Kitchen Class is for you. 

(I’m all about foundations. Because I know foundational changes make the biggest impact. It’s what leads to success …)

If you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, or unsure about your current state of health, wondering how to fit plant-based living into your daily life. Or you have questions about how to navigate a plant-based kitchen …

This isn’t about all the times you’ve tried before … 
I need you to know that there IS an easy, better way to move forward and stick to your plant-based lifestyle …

I created this for you ...

There is a way to live Wellthy, intuitively. Natural. Easy.

It's a journey
not a destination

I’ve studied, learned, lived, and breathed a plant-based lifestyle for almost three decades. I’ve faced every crossroad, and traveled every path to learn what makes plant-based living stick. I’ve used all of that personal experience to create this 21 day program to inspire you, help you reconnect to what "good food" truly means, and give you insight into how you handle the messy middle of trying to make a plant-based lifestyle stick.   
(yes, I’ve had many MANY days where I strayed from plant-based living. I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there too!)

What makes this program different?

Adhering to plant-based, nutrient-rich eating for life!

Building a Gorgeous Kitchen that helps inspire you to stick with your goals!

Understanding what's been holding you back from cheating on your goals.

Creating a wholistic, wellthy living plan to inspire you to be your own health advocate!

Designing meals both you and your family will love!

Feeling more in control over food choices, and more in alignment as you navigate parties and dinners out with family and friends.

Is THIS the year that you *finally* commit to:

I'm ready!

This is where you'll dive into the heart of the program. You'll receive a new video lesson each day, for 21 days. I've put my heart and soul into these, giving you tips as if we were sitting down together over a cup of tea. They're quick videos 6 to 10 minutes in length designed to give you the information you need and get you on your way. 

Are you as crazy about workbooks and journals as I am? I've designed a gorgeous workbook filled with inspiration and guidance for you to follow along. This is a workbook you'll refer back to as you continue on with your plant-based journey.  

Here's What You'll Receive

21 Video Trainings with Writing Prompts

A Downloadable Workbook

expert training

Track your journey

Because I know you'll have questions. You submit your questions and I'll get them answered for you, one by one. It's recorded for you to reference back to again and again.

A Q&A Session

Sound advice

We're all busy. And I know nothing is more frustrating than buying into a program and promptly forgetting about it. So I've created daily reminders to remind you your video is waiting for you, and to help you on your plant-based journey. 

Inspirational Emails

daily advice


It's time!

"It's time to be the healthy, wellthy person you've always wanted to be!"

21 daily video lessons ... just for you!

Every day for 21 days, you'll receive a new video lesson

Kickoff Video - How The Class Works
Video #1 - Baby Steps Into Falling In Love With Your Kitchen
Video #2 - Energy
Video #3 - Tools
Video #4 - Organization
Video #5 - Spice
Video #6 - Organic
Video #7 - Foundational
Video #8 - Flavors
Video #9 - Time
Video #10 - Pantry
Video #11 - Hiding
Video #12 - Favorites

it's time to engage your senses to let you think differently about what a plant-based lifestyle really means!

Video #13 - Reward
Video #14 - Veggies
Video #15 - Fruit
Video #16 - Herbs
Video #17 - Meat
Video #18 - Protein
Video #19 - Beauty
Video #20 - Learning
Video #21 - Hunger

Study at your own pace

Journal prompts to reinforce learning

support for life-changing results

Follow a proven roadmap

This 21 day process will teach you the most foundational approach to plant-based success …

*and* how to stick with it for life! 


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one $2000

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two $3000

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Three $4000

This program is truly designed to give you answers to your toughest questions about creating a plant-based lifestyle once and for all. 

We'll cover the nitty-gritty details that took me months - years - to learn. I give you an insiders view on mindset ... not just what recipe you'll cook on Mondays and Tuesdays and ...

Tired of making the same goals ... and failing?

Join for $50

This      for you if:

You're looking to dive deeper into plant-based living


You want a deeper understanding of cooking and nutrition

YOU'RE skeptical about reducing animal products from your life

You are ready to up-level your health through plant-based living

It's probably       for you if...

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO DO THE WORK ... it's a mindset thing



It's probably
for you if...

The 21 Day Gorgeous Wellthy Kitchen class is truly designed to jumpstart your journey into plant-based living, because it will set you up for Gorgeous Wellthy plant-based living … For Life!

Join for $50


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one $2000

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two $3000

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Three $4000