Midlife Crisis During The Coronavirus – How Stay In Place Can Make a Marriage Stronger

If you look up the definition of a midlife crisis, you’ll find it’s defined as an emotional crisis that hits people somewhere in midlife, where you question identity and self-worth, wondering what’s next in life. Is this all there is? How did I get here? Shouldn’t I have more? It’s an existential crisis where we […]



“It's time for
Gorgeous Wellth!”

I was at a party, sitting next to several couples I only see a few times a year. They were young – millennials – married just a few years each. Somehow it came out Andrew and I have been married over 30 years. It’s 32 years as of this week. How do you do it? […]

Skip The Midlife Crisis: How To Make Marriage Exciting and Rewarding After The 30 Year Mark

midlife crisis

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“I want to go plant-based, but I lose willpower.” 
“I want to go plant-based, but I hate cooking.” 
“I want to go plant-based, but I simply don’t have the time.” 

Let’s move past those excuses, shall we? Health is the one thing we all seem to take for granted … until we have a problem. In midlife, we often receive a wakeup call that leads to wanting to do more to change.

That’s what this course is about. It's a free, 7 day email course designed to help you explore your mind/body connection to wellness. To Unleash Foundational Wellness. Plant-based style.

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