I’m 55, After All Of This Uncertainty, Is It Too Late To Be An Entrepreneur?

I started a post a few days ago. I’ve morphed the title several times. I’ve deleted, added, and changed more of the copy then I’ve ever done before. Welcome to the new world. The world of uncertainty. The world where the questions you had even yesterday no longer seem to apply. And yet they do. […]



“It's time for
Gorgeous Wellth!”

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“I want to go plant-based, but I lose willpower.” 
“I want to go plant-based, but I hate cooking.” 
“I want to go plant-based, but I simply don’t have the time.” 

Let’s move past those excuses, shall we? Health is the one thing we all seem to take for granted … until we have a problem. In midlife, we often receive a wakeup call that leads to wanting to do more to change.

That’s what this course is about. It's a free, 7 day email course designed to help you explore your mind/body connection to wellness. To Unleash Foundational Wellness. Plant-based style.

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I’m a storyteller at heart. I write from experience. I share with love. I learn right along side you. Are you ready to define What’s Next in your life? I share what I know about wellness, midlife, and plant-based living!