October 13, 2014

How to turn your BIG IDEA into a BIG BUSINESS At a time when JOBS are the new risky, dual income households still leave you short every month, and the future is anything but a sure thing, discover the one simple concept that is leading more women down the path to success than ever before… […]

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I'm lori!

I haven't always been this excited about good food. In fact, I was probably a lot like you, frequently tired of the boring meals I tried to create for my family. Then I had a wake-call ... three times ... and I started looking a whole lot closer at what it really means to be wellthy!

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How to turn your BIG IDEA

At a time when JOBS are the new risky, dual income households still leave you
short every month, and the future is anything but a sure thing, discover the
one simple concept that is leading more women down the path to success
than ever before…

Dear Friend,

This letter is going to deviate from the norm, and come straight from my heart to share with you something important I learned many years ago.Holding Pattern

I was sitting at my desk, waiting for my next assignment. But I wasn’t sitting there alone; there were five of us, all on the job for less than 5 years, still at the bottom of the pay scale and waiting for our supervisor to send our group out and on our way.

Yet our latest project was sitting in limbo, between the offices of the powers-that-be, arguing over words and outcomes that would close the project once and for all. We couldn’t move to the next project until the last was closed out for good.

And that is how our little group came to be. We were in a holding pattern, spending our days chatting and trying to look busy, though I’m sure we wouldn’t have fooled anyone by our looks and patterns.

It was a good job in theory. Lots of benefits, travel on occasion, a chance for movement up the career ladder. Yet there were many things lurking in the shadows.

Lost in Limbo

Like the fact our office was 1500 miles from headquarters, and budgets were tightening all the time. (Just one of many, but I know you understand. You’ve probably even been there, right?)Lost in Limbo

Eight hours a day, forty hours a week with nothing to do can quickly turn into monotony. The mind starts drifting in all sorts of ways. For me, I started looking at life a little differently. So I did what came naturally to me.

I started working on my Big Idea. My husband and I had been talking about opening up our own business for months. I brought in books to read, and even began putting together a few marketing tools on the side. Why let 8 hours of the day go to waste every day when I could be doing something productive?

Pretty soon I had a business card, a brochure, and even my very first plan together that outlined how we would put our services together and the prices we would charge. It was pretty well put together for someone that didn’t have one ounce of experience as an entrepreneur.

Then one day when I was siting there working on my plan, one of my teammates came up to me and asked, “what are you doing?” I told her. She looked at me and laughed.

What is YOUR definition of RISK?

“Wow. That’s a lot of risk. Not for me, nope, I could never do that. I’ve got three years down, thirty to go. Why would I want to take on that kind of risk?”

I sat there, actually dumbfounded. Three down, thirty to go? Really?

Those thirty years flashed before my eyes. I was pretty much in the same boat as her, having only five years in myself.

Something changed in me that day. I pressed on with my dreams harder than ever, and in less than one year, I made the leap to entrepreneur for good.

You Have to Have Friends In Similar Places

About this time frame, I met someone who was also trying to build a business from scratch with no prior experience. We connected right away.

We sat down for coffee one morning to kick around some marketing ideas. I gave her a few ideas; she returned the favor. Then she told me about a business coach she recently ran into that was starting up a new group coaching program for brand new entrepreneurs designed to provide practical guidance through a year long program. Was I interested in joining the group with her?

Yes! And it was the best decision I ever could have made.Friends in similar places

You see, I learned a lot from that coach, and an equal amount from the women in my group who all started successful businesses too. Each of these women became close friends and confidants in the years that followed, many of whom I still see regularly today.

One of our meetings changed my life forever. Our coach had us each create two lists. On one, we were to list specific things we wanted for our business; on the other, specific things we wanted in our personal lives. So for the business, we might list something like “book my first $1,000 client”; for a personal goal, it might be something like “put a deposit down for my daughter to attend a private preschool”.

The theory was if you had a specific goal down on paper, you were much more likely to achieve it then if you held onto it in your head. By having goals for both your business and personal life, life balance would be more easily achieved because you were always working for both sides of your life … business and personal.

When I did this exercise and put just a few things down on paper, I saw my goals clearer than I ever had before. And in just a few short weeks, everything on that paper was achieved.

I was sold on the process! I knew it worked because I had phenomenal results from just a tiny bit of work.

So I continued the process again and again, adding more detail and coming up with new strategies for the things I wanted to achieve.

If you can SEE it, you can ACHIEVE it

Along the way I discovered another process that had a huge impact on my life. It’s the process of vision boarding. Have you ever created a vision board?

I was working with another group of women who decided to put vision boarding into play. We sat down one Saturday morning, each with a large poster board and a stack of magazines between us. Our goal was to create our ideal life – everything we could possibly imagine in our lives – all on the poster board. It was to be a representation for everything we hoped to achieve in the coming weeks and months.Home of your dreams vision boarding

I’d heard the stories from others who had used the vision board concept successfully:

One person cut out a photo from a magazine of her ideal home; years later when she pulled out her vision board, that home was the home she had purchased and was now living in.

Another had always wanted to be interviewed by her hero, Oprah Winfrey. She placed a photo of Oprah on her vision board, and within months had a recognized book behind her, and her very first interview on Oprah’s show.

So of course I wanted to try. We sat there as a group, building our vision boards, passing photos between us as we came up with idea after idea.

I placed that vision board in my office, referring to it again and again. And in a matter of months, those goals too became my reality.

This stuff really worked! Not that it didn’t take motivation, a lot of hard work, and a little bit of time to achieve. Yet when I put my mind to it, things naturally fell into place.

If I saw it first, it became that much easier to achieve! I proved it time and again.

Making the Picture Clearer

6 weeks in Italy and SpainFor years, I used the concept of vision boarding to achieve many things in my life. Those tiny photos always gave me the inspiration to achieve many things. Like a private education for my daughter. And a six week trip to Europe.

Yet as I sold off one of my businesses to put more time into my life, I began to wonder if you could vision board a new business into your life. I was a master at putting goals to paper and achieving them again and again. But I never had vision boarded a brand new idea, seeing it through picture and words as I was building it.

Yet in my heart, I knew it would work. Why wouldn’t it?

So I played around with the concept. I found out the right questions to ask, the right things to “vision” and the right order for getting your Big Idea out of your heart and soul, down on paper, and ultimately converting it into a successful income stream.

And as you guessed it, once I found the right pattern, the right rhythm, it worked like a charm.

Visioneering You

Visioneering You
Are you a person that likes to “see” as well?

You’ve had an idea deep inside for a long time now.

You may have even done a few things to turn it into reality.

But you’ve never really completed everything it takes to turn it into a business. You know, a viable opportunity that can actually make money and let you have more freedom in your life than ever before.

Sure, you’ve written down a few goals or plans. But nothing has ever come from it. You’re still holding onto your idea, working your same old job, living the same old life while your idea digs a little deeper into your soul.

And you have no idea what to do with it all.

I’m about to lead you on a magical journey that will cure those old bad habits once and for all. (Yes, that “bad habit” of putting your Big Idea aside while life continues to get in the way 😉 )

Visioneering You is for YOU!

There’s no better time than right now for you to get started on changing your life forever. You’ve had that Big Idea for a long time, and its never going to be more in demand in this world then it is right now.

You see, the world needs your ideas. The world needs your expertise. Somewhere out there, someone is in need of solid advice, and you’re the only one with the viable solution they are looking for.

But they can’t find it if you aren’t offering it.

So we’re going to change that in a short period of time through my signature program, Visioneering You.

Journaling with Visioneering You

In this course I’ll lead you through the creation of your own Visioneering You creative journal, a tool that’s designed to help you look at your idea from many different angles and see it for the idea it truly is. Each week we’ll focus on a specific topic designed to help you move forward with your Big Idea and turn it into something more. You’ll dig deep into your soul and discover how you want to move forward. You’ll look at what others are doing in the marketplace, and what motivates you to want to move forward. You’ll learn how to take the most delicious portions of ideas already out in the marketplace, and use them to add to your existing ideas and make them even better.

When you see how easy it is to turn your Big Idea into something more, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t approached it in this manner before!

Visioneering You is designed to help you see through the clutter that’s putting a hold on your dreams. Once you write down your ideas, use pictures and graphics to further define what your dreams look like, and see your ideas from an entirely new perspective, you’ll quickly have the motivation it takes to put it all into action.

And that’s what this is really all about.

I know you have an idea that can change the world. I know you have an idea that can change people’s lives. And by not letting that idea come to fruition, you’re robbing the world of this hidden opportunity.

So lets break it out and give it life. Lets put it all into action. Lets get started.

Visioneering You pricing


What Can You Expect?

My goal at the end of our time together is for you to walk away with a usable plan you can begin using immediately. No more dreaming of obscure things you don’t know how to put into place. No more generic phrases you use to put your mind at ease – you know the last time you said, “someday when I have more time, I’m going to write a book on this?” No more!

I’m going to show you what your ultimate business looks like. We’re going to discover together what kinds of products are feasible, what services you can offer, what prices you can charge, and how to discover a pool of hungry prospects just waiting for what you have to offer.

We’ll create an easy to build, easy to use, easy to visualize plan that helps guide you along the way.

Remember that dream board we talked about a few minutes ago? This takes it to a whole new level! You’ll “see” your Big Idea in motion long before you ever offer it! And once you see how well its perceived by your audience, you’ll be that much more likely to put in a little more effort to bring it to reality … even quicker!

I know the most difficult part is seeing its potential, and honestly that’s what I’m the very best at doing! I love holding people by the hand and gently guiding them through a creative process so they can “see” what’s been there all along. You’ll be super excited when you see the results!

Keep in mind this is a program we will work on together, using many different methods available to us in the online world. Including a little TLC AND personalized hand holding from me!

Visioneering You includes:

Visioneering cover

checkmarkIn depth lessons, resources and guidance

checkmarkStep by step strategy to help you plan your own dreams and goals

checkmarkAn abundance of journaling prompts to point you in the right direction

checkmarkExclusive peeks at my own journaling and insights

checkmarkEmail insights to help you move forward … fast

checkmarkA gorgeous 69 page Visioneering You workbook for you to download, fill in and keep forever

checkmarkDon’t forget … I’ll be coaching you every step of the way!

Chapter By Chapter:

Chapter 1: Discovering what means the most to youVisioneering 1

In the first section we prepare by looking into the heart and soul of who you are and what that brings to the Big Idea table. In many cases your Big Idea is waiting there to be discovered – we’ll help pull it out and give it life.

Chapter 2: How do you want to live an average day?

In the second section we’ll take a look at how your Big Idea fits into your life and how you can incorporate it into a viable business option AND make it work with your current lifestyle as well.

Chapter 3: Healthy Relationships – How some may be holding you back

Woman writing in a journalIn section three we’ll discover how the people in your lives are impacting your ability to move forward and how to rearrange your day to have the time you need to do what you need to do.

Chapter 4: Time Management – Putting time into what’s most important

In section four you’ll discover how to get the most out of every 24 hours of the day. Priorities do matter, and we’ll focus in on what holds you back and what helps you get things done.

Chapter 5: Simplifying to gain what’s truly important to you

Visioneering 2In section five we’ll talk about how common phrases like “I can’t afford it” could be a sign of something bigger. Simplification involves putting your priorities on what’s most important to you.

Chapter 6: Seeing yourself as an idea owner

In the sixth section, we’ll talk about the ideas people come up with and what they do to move them forward. Once you recognize what ideas are viable and which ones waste your time, you’ll quickly know how to move into action.

Chapter 7: Finding the business potential

In section seven, we’ll look at how you can discover business potential in every idea you come up with. Some are more viable, some are more profitable – its up to you to decide their importance in your life.

Chapter 8: Creating your own future

In the final section, we’ll strategize on how to put everything together to form a solid plan that will walk you from holding your Big Idea in to finding out exactly your true potential … and beyond. This is your starting point for the rest of your life!

napkin notesThe Next Step:

I remember when I had my first great idea for a business. I was in carpool line waiting for my daughter to get out of school. With 10 minutes to spare, I started formulating this idea in my mind. I knew I was on to something so I grabbed a napkin from the glove compartment and started drawing out my idea.

I’ve never looked back from that fateful day in the car. Three business and oodles of success later, I’m loving life the way I designed it.

I’ve learned what it takes to pull that idea out and turn it into something more. I’ve learned the difference between leaving an idea floating around in your brain, and formulating it in such a way that you can take action on it … now.

Are you ready to make that transition yourself? I’m here to help. Order my Visioneering You guide to help walk you through your own plans. It will be delivered to you digitally as soon as you place your order. Which means no waiting – you can begin right now while the excitement is high and you’re ready to go.

This course is so much more than filling out blanks and
building a boring business plan. Its about really focusing in
on what your Big Idea can bring into your life …
and turning it into a reality.
Prepare to have your life changed forever.
Come join us!

Visioneering You pricing



What will I get out of this course?Visioneering You journal

Hopefully the beginning of a life changing opportunity! I’ve sat with dozens of women who express their passion and desires for making their Big Ideas come true. Yet I continually see these same women push them aside and continue down the their current paths because it’s the “easy” thing to do. By establishing a Visioneering You journal and finding out how truly easy it is to push your Big Idea to a whole new level, you’ll become one of the thousands of women who will turn to their creative, entrepreneurial selves and literally change the world!

Visioneering You journalIn this program you’ll learn how to put your creative side to use, see your Big Idea in a whole new way, and lay down the foundation for making it become a reality. We’ll put numbers to it to show you how successful you can truly be. We’ll attach images to it so you can see exactly how to turn things from concept to fruition. And you’ll do it all in a safe place that will ultimately become your guide to a whole different outlook on life.

Do I need any special skills?

You’ll need access to the Internet to download your Visioneering You Guide and to view the training and videos I provide with the class. You’ll need a printer to Visioneering You journalprint off a copy of your Visioneering You journal to have in place as you work through the program. You’ll need a favorite pen to use as you come up with your ideas and thoughts. And you’ll need time in the coming weeks to put every idea into action as you start building your Big Idea plan.

You talk about dream boards – will we be doing that?

When women plan for the future, they see things in many ways. Some women love to write down their stories. Some women love to include photos, graphics and other mementos that will help motivate them to move forward. I include plenty of space to record your thoughts and special sections exclusively for you to include your photos and graphics. If you are an artist, use pens to convey your message. Or find images from online and paste them into your journal. Remember, this is uniquely your own, and you can use it in any way you choose.

Do I have to be in class at certain times?

No, there are no set times to be in class. Once you purchase the course, you will have access to all training materials and can download, watch and learn at your own pace. Take as little time or as long as you wish to move through the material and solidify your Big Idea plans for the future.

I almost hit the “buy” button but I’m nervous about my own follow through. Once I have your training materials in hand, how do I know I’ll move forward and actually use this to move my Big Idea forward?

While I can’t make any guarantees that you’ll do your part and actually put Visioneering You to good use, I’m committed to doing everything I can to push you into the right direction. That’s where my email insights come into play. I know gently nudges help tremendously when you’re having blocks and “stuck” points. For a six week period of time immediately after you buy Visioneering You, you will receive my email insights right into your email box, ready to help you through the course. You’ll find tips to put into play, resources to help you when you can’t find the right inspiration, and even examples to show you how certain sections have been used by others.  Plus, when you receive each email on a regular basis, its a surefire way to sit up and take action. You’ll have the inspiration you need to keep going no matter where your holdups may be!

Visioneering You pricing

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