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“It's time for
Gorgeous Wellth!”

Plant-based eating morphs into a plant-based lifestyle. You can’t help it. Of course, you’ll need a plant-based strategy to go along with it. This is my approach.

How I’m Approaching The New Year

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When you’re trying to eat healthier, stick to a plant-based diet, and reach for clean eating, start by filling up your kitchen shelves with plant-based cookbooks. These have been my favorite this year.

The Year In Plant-Based Cookbooks

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Who says Halloween is just for the kids? If you’re tempted to reach into the Halloween stash and nibble on unhealthy candy, I have an option for you. Stop the scary eating, and eat healthy instead!

Self-Care This Halloween With Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bark

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If you’re looking for plant-based holiday cooking, you’re going to want to try one of this month’s cookbook club’s recommendations. The perfect recipes for your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners … plant-based style!

The Cookbook Clubs October 2023 Cookbook

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Healthspan vs Lifespan: The crucial difference lies in the quality of life. Lifespan is your total years, but healthspan is how long you live healthy.

Healthspan vs Lifespan – Where’s Your Focus?

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Think plant-based foods won’t bring in enough protein? Think again. Plant-based eating can easily meet your daily protein needs and keep you healthy for life. 

Where Do You Get Your Plant-Based Protein? 

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If you look at the wealthiest people on earth, most dedicate a lot of time to reading. I would argue reading books should also be routine to be a wellthier person. Here’s a look at how I read books to maximize the process.

How To Read Books To Become a Wellthier Person

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Getting ready for all the wonderful fall vegetables, I chose the September cookbook club selection to highlight the best veggies of the season.

The Cookbook Club’s September 2023 Cookbook

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When you’re creating a plant-rich lifestyle, you can’t help but look at all the ways to make your life healthier, including your kitchen. These simple kitchen hacks will help you recognize hidden toxins and how to easily remove them from your life. Healthier living, yes please.

These 5 Hacks Will Make Your Kitchen Healthier

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“I want to go plant-based, but I lose willpower.” 
“I want to go plant-based, but I hate cooking.” 
“I want to go plant-based, but I simply don’t have the time.” 

Let’s move past those excuses, shall we? Health is the one thing we all seem to take for granted … until we have a problem. In midlife, we often receive a wakeup call that leads to wanting to do more to change.

That’s what this course is about. It's a free, 7 day email course designed to help you explore your mind/body connection to wellness. To Unleash Foundational Wellness. Plant-based style.

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