Where Do You Get Your Plant-Based Protein? 

Think plant-based foods won’t bring in enough protein? Think again. Plant-based eating can easily meet your daily protein needs and keep you healthy for life. 



“It's time for
Gorgeous Wellth!”

If you look at the wealthiest people on earth, most dedicate a lot of time to reading. I would argue reading books should also be routine to be a wellthier person. Here’s a look at how I read books to maximize the process.

How To Read Books To Become a Wellthier Person

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Getting ready for all the wonderful fall vegetables, I chose the September cookbook club selection to highlight the best veggies of the season.

The Cookbook Club’s September 2023 Cookbook

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When you’re creating a plant-rich lifestyle, you can’t help but look at all the ways to make your life healthier, including your kitchen. These simple kitchen hacks will help you recognize hidden toxins and how to easily remove them from your life. Healthier living, yes please.

These 5 Hacks Will Make Your Kitchen Healthier

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I believe anti-aging isn’t sustainable. Which is why I’ve developed a holistic approach to proaging. Want to be the best you can be at every age? This is what I find in common with proagers.

My Holistic Approach to ProAging

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Want a nutritious and delicious breakfast? Put this plant-based smoothie into your daily routine. I’ve been having this every morning for almost a decade. It’s the perfect addition to help you have more energy and feel your best.

The 5-Minute Plant-Based Smoothie

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Going plant-based means heading into the kitchen! When you care more about your food, you find yourself cooking more. Why not explore my latest recommended plant-based cookbook – I think you’ll love it.

The Cookbook Club’s August 2023 Cookbook

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Should you trust AI to help you live your best plant-based life? Can Chat GPT narrow down how to make plant-based living work? I decided to give it a try. Here’s what I found …

Living Your Best Plant-Based Life – ChatGPT Advice

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Where does a nourishing life come from? Your food? Your beliefs? Your energy? Maybe it’s all of the above. A nourishing life doesn’t just happen. It takes planning and preparation, always choosing your next steps wisely. And always improving.

How I Crafted a Nourishing Life

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If you’re like me, you might have gotten a bit carried away with tomato plants this year. Oh well, that means there’s more to make salsa with! If you’re ready for a few gorgeous plant-based salsa recipes, read on. And let me know what you think!

4 Gorgeous Plant-Based Salsa Recipes

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“I want to go plant-based, but I lose willpower.” 
“I want to go plant-based, but I hate cooking.” 
“I want to go plant-based, but I simply don’t have the time.” 

Let’s move past those excuses, shall we? Health is the one thing we all seem to take for granted … until we have a problem. In midlife, we often receive a wakeup call that leads to wanting to do more to change.

That’s what this course is about. It's a free, 7 day email course designed to help you explore your mind/body connection to wellness. To Unleash Foundational Wellness. Plant-based style.

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