4 Pillars of a Wellthy Plan

We all know that self-care is important to health and well-being. Yet we struggle to create a wellthy plan we can truly live with as we move through midlife and beyond. What does it look like? And why is it so hard to fit it into our lives?



“It's time for
Gorgeous Wellth!”

We’re changing the way we think about wellbeing. Because wellbeing starts in the kitchen. That’s how you ultimately get to Gorgeous Wellth.

Wellbeing Starts In The Kitchen

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Looking for a few good plant-based cookbooks to add to your cookbook library? Look no further than my recommendations on the cookbook club’s list.

The Cookbook Club’s July 2023 Cookbook

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One of the easiest ways to create great-tasting plant-based salad dressings is to make them yourself. With just a few ingredients that are probably already on your pantry shelves, you can put the “mmm” back into your dinners in minutes! I’ll teach you how.

Yes, You Can Make Plant-Based Salad Dressings at Home

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Big birthdays change everything. But are we too focused on the negative to see the good? Eating for life after 50 doesn’t have to be a punishment. Instead, it can be an eye-opening experience that leads you to a better life.

Eating For The Life You Want After 50

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Creating your own plant-based kitchen? It doesn’t take expensive or elaborate resources. Here’s a list of my favorite kitchen tools I use almost every day to whip up breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and occasional desserts too.

My Favorite Kitchen Tools

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Are you confused with the concept of clean eating too? Instead of treating it like a diet, discover how to eat clean week after week, for life.

How To Eat Clean Week After Week

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It’s easy to feel burned out by cooking, completely overwhelmed with the question, “what’s for dinner?” But there are easy ways to fall in love again with the process of cooking by fueling your meals with plant-rich nutrition. (And a whole lot of love.)

Burned Out By Cooking? Easy Steps I Take To Fall In Love Again

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What are you eating for life? Has it changed since you were a kid? We grow and change – why not make better food choices along the way.

How To Spark Joy Into Eating For Life

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Shopping at a farmer’s market is one of the best ways to stick with a plant-based, plant-rich lifestyle. But do you know the secrets to making your shopping experience beneficial? Let’s dig in.

How To Shop At a Farmer’s Market

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“I want to go plant-based, but I lose willpower.” 
“I want to go plant-based, but I hate cooking.” 
“I want to go plant-based, but I simply don’t have the time.” 

Let’s move past those excuses, shall we? Health is the one thing we all seem to take for granted … until we have a problem. In midlife, we often receive a wakeup call that leads to wanting to do more to change.

That’s what this course is about. It's a free, 7 day email course designed to help you explore your mind/body connection to wellness. To Unleash Foundational Wellness. Plant-based style.

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